About Us

Your Sustainable Energy Partner for Tomorrow

Our Vision

As a pioneering Renewable Energy Enterprise in the local market, our vision is to lead with innovation and competitive solutions.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive renewable energy products and services that align with your unique needs.

Our Mission

At Eco Solar Rays Pvt Ltd, our mission revolves around delivering state-of-the-art technology and tailor-made engineering solutions nationwide. Our expertise extends from residential homes to diverse industries. We’re committed to excellence, driving value for our customers, partners, employees, and stakeholders through our compelling consulting services and system technologies.

Company Profile

Eco Solar Rays, in partnership with the esteemed Eswaran Brothers Group (eswaran.com) and Nilkamal Furniture (nilkamal.lk), sets the benchmark as a trusted business ally in the dynamic Sri Lankan market.

We are on a mission to harness the most reliable energy source for the future – solar power. Our expertise in creating and implementing photovoltaic systems positions us at the forefront of the evolving Sri Lankan solar landscape. As a premier EPC and O&M contractor, we specialize in both domestic and utility-scale solar projects, blending extensive experience with a global perspective and an unwavering focus on quality.

Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of solar applications, from residential systems and standalone solar parks to complex, integrated energy storage solutions. The Group’s extensive background in the Power sector enhances our capability in grid-connected and off-grid projects, seamlessly integrating renewable energy with traditional power generation.