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Our aim is to generate energy for the future. Solar power remains the most secure source of energy for the future. We set global standards in achieving this goal. Eco Solar Rays is being associated partner of Eswaran Brothers Group ( and Nilkamal Furnitures ( set standards to be the trusted business partners in the well established Sri Lankan market with our expertise of experience and competence in developing and constructing photovoltaic systems. As an international photovoltaic system integrator we develop, plan, build and operate utility-scale, commercial and industrial photovoltaic plants. As an EPC contractor, Eco Solar Rays is specialized in design and execution of solar power plants, We place special emphasis “on-time and on-budget” construction and delivery of solar power plants which produces optimized promising output. Being the Master distributor of Solon SE ( for Sri Lanka; our Principles have Module manufacturing capacity of 300 MwP, sold more than 1.8 GwP of Solar products, designed and built some 560 MwP of turnkey systems around the world and more than 400 MwP plants in Operation and Manitinance since its founding. The focus of Eco Solar Rays activities is on becoming a trusted business partner providing solutions and installing solar systems to the residential, commercial and industrial market throughout the nation. We pride ourselves on providing cuting edge customer servise, so that you as our customer shall be comfortable and trust. Eco Solar Rays is here to help you understand how solar power works, how you would be benifited by the harness solar energy and what would be your financial gains with a sustaniable furture


At Eco SolarRays, our goal is to increase public awareness of solar energy. With this aim in mind, the company has developed from a solar initiative into an international photovoltaic systems provider since it was founded in 2015.


“Eco Solar Rays mission is to provide cutting edge technology and cusomized engineering solution throughout the nation to our valuable client from domestic household and industries. Our competence in consulting services and system technology compelling. Through our commitment, we crate value for our customers, partners, employees and stakeholders.”

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The orientation of the solar panel is crucial for the conversion of incident solar energy into direct current (DC) by photovoltaic action. The DC electricity generated is converted by inverters into alternating current (AC) and delivered to the main electrical service panel. This is the current that runs through the network of wires to power your household.
Solar systems are categorized into on-grid and off-grid systems. When you opt for an on-grid solar-powered systems, your system would still be tied to the national-grid. Off-grid systems are recommended only for areas where strong and reliable grid connections are not available.
Net-metering is a policy that allows customers to use renewable energy sources to generate electricity at their premises and export the excess energy to the national grid. The national grid thus acts as an energy bank for the customer. Customers can utilize this energy when required. Both, Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) and Lanka Electricity Company Pvt. Ltd. (LECO) offer net-metering to their customers.
Eco Solar Rays systems are custom designed to meet electricity consumption requirements of each client. Excess electricity generated is credited to CEB/LECO grid. This energy can be redeemed by the customer within a time period of 10 years.
Yes. In a situation where more energy is utilized than produced by the installed solar system, customers will be charged for the excess units consumed by CEB/LECO.
No. Standard grid systems do not permit the storage of electricity.
The installation process varies depending on site conditions and environmental factors. Typically, Eco Solar is able to install a 5KW solar system in 2 to 3 days, while a 10 KW system can take upto 3 to 4 days for completion.
Solar systems require zero maintenance. However, our team of dedicated engineers and technicians will provide immediate assistance upon notification.
Higher solar yield for same area of absorbance.
Temperature up to 75C°
30% more effective
Low thermal loss
Individual tubes can be rotated to optimize ideal orientation
Sealed nature of the tube ensures that the collector is dust and moisture-free
Works in cold, windy and humid conditions
Yes. Under Eco Solar Rays Solar Ambassador Program, you can earn commissions after a friend or a neighbor you have introduced, purchases a solar system from us. Our Solar Ambassador Program is specifically designed for those who believe in a greener environment and can earn some extra money promoting it.
Eco Solar Rays offers a 25 year linear warranty on its solar panels. Our inverters are covered under a 10 year comprehensive warranty. In instances of hardware failure we will replace it with German-made inverters of the same brand. This warranty is extendable up to 20 years

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